When You Need To Get Rid Of Fleas And Ticks

get rid of ticksEvery critter deserves to be comfortable. This is something that can’t be done when he or she’s infected with fleas. They can’t be comfortable when they’re constantly having too itch!

It keeps them up at night, and can damage their sensitive skin. Don’t worry though, there might not be anything the dog can do to make himself more comfortable, but there’s something you can. Have you taken your dog for his yearly check up? That’s when dogs get the only medicine that’ll really cure their ticks.

Why Not stick With a flea bath? Flea baths don’t work because they only kill the adult fleas, and not all of them. It’s impossible to get every flea on your dog with the flea killing soap unless you’re willing to get the soap in your dogs eyes. Which is pretty cruel.

The eggs are not killed by the soap and can still hatch on your dog. Using flea soap can make your dog feel more comfortable for a couple days though. It’s a good thing to use before the appointment at the vets.

Flea colors will not work either. They don’t kill the fleas, and they just repeal new ones. Yes, if a flea were to bite on the collar he would die, but this isn’t enough to kill all the fleas on your dog, as you can’t a sure the fleas will even go near the collar.

Plus, the smell of a flea collar isn’t pleasant. It doesn’t work, and will make your pouch smell horrible. Sounds like a bad idea huh?

Some people claim that there are natural ways to get rid of ticks. These usually consist of essential oils like ceder-wood and sage. I’ve used these products on my dog, they were in the dog shampoo, and it does not clear, or kill any of the bugs. It will make your dog smell quite nice though.

Does dawn kill fleas? Yes, it does. Dawn dish soap does kill fleas and is a very low cost way of getting rid of fleas on any animal. It is also safe and doesn’t cause irritation and is environmentally safer than many other alternatives.  BUT, it only kills fleas that are on the animal at the moment. It will not safe guard against new fleas.

If you want your dog to get tick free you need to make sure that you get the right medication from your vet. A simple packet of front line will kill all the bugs, and keep them off for a while.

Yes, this might be a little costly, but it’s worth it. It’s the only thing that works, that’s how they can charge so much for it. Of course, it doesn’t have to be front line. K-9 advantage works just as well.

You might be able to get the same medications that you’d get from your vet, online. This is a cheaper option. Sense this medicine isn’t designed or used on humans, you don’t have to get it at a pharmacy or medical website. Many of these medications also protect your dog from heart worms, which can be quite a killer.

I hope you see reason and choose the only method of treating your dogs fleas that actually works. It’s the humane thing to do. They deserve to be comfortable and itch free! They will once you give them their front line!