What Dog Owners Should Know About Their Bull Terrier Puppy

Your Bull Terrier PuppyThe Bull Terrier was originally developed as a fighting dog in the 19th century. Today, it is both a family companion and a show dog. This breed is distinguished by its long, egg-shaped head.

Why Are Bull Terrier Puppies so Popular?

Due to positive depictions in mainstream media, the bull terrier has become an extremely popular family companion. The breed is known for being active, friendly and having a great personality. Both the bull terrier and the miniature bull terrier are available for adoption.

Life With a Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are active and lively from puppyhood until middle age. As bull terriers are not content being alone for long periods of time, they are best suited for families that can provide them with lots of energetic play.

The dog also needs an owner that is comfortable setting boundaries. If rules are not made and enforced, the dog will make up his own rules. Timid people and new dog owners may be better off with a different breed.

What Dog Owners Need to Know About Bull Terriers

Listed below is some information that will be useful to new dog owners and/or people who are considering getting a bull terrier puppy.

– Like other breeds, bull terriers can become aggressive if they are not socialized properly.

– Bull terriers are not suitable for homes with younger children however they do play well with older kids.

– Some cities ban people from owning bull terriers. Potential dog owners should be aware of local laws before they adopt their puppy.

How to Look After a New Bull Terrier Puppy

Looking after a bull terrier puppy is no different to looking after another breed of puppy. Before bringing a dog home, pet owners need to ensure that they have everything their dog will need.

Some common supplies for a new puppy include dog food, a crate, a collar and leash, a dog bed and some toys. While buying all this equipment is expensive at first, the expenses will be minimal from now on.

Another expense dog owners should keep in mind is medical costs. Going to a vet is very expensive. This is especially true when there is something seriously wrong with the dog or your pup simply has fleas.

The best way to handle this expense is to buy pet insurance. For a small fee every month, dog owners can rest easy knowing their dog will have access to medical care if needed.

Sometimes people are forced to put their dog down when they cannot afford medical. The seriousness of setting aside money for unexpected medicines and surgery cannot be stressed.

Another issue new pet owners should keep in mind is where they adopt their bull terrier. The puppies in pet stores often come from “puppy mills”.  These are breeders who do not treat their dogs well while they are being raised. To help reduce this practice dog owners should only adopt from a registered breeder or better yet from an animal shelter.