Tips to check dog eye health

There are many aspects to dog health that a pet owner needs to be aware of if they want to keep their companion in tip top shape. A visit to the vet at least once a year for vaccinations and a physical is a must, and of course whenever problems arise.

To keep your pet healthy it is necessary to feed him a balanced and nutritious diet and to pay attention to its dental and eye health. Sometimes what seems like a minor problem can escalate to affect the dog’s quality of life.

Dogs are susceptible to a variety of eye diseases that can occur at any time in their lives. Because of the structure of their eyes and the natural inquisitiveness of dogs, eye injuries are often the reasons for visits to veterinarians.

It is important for dog owners to check their pet’s eyes and teeth in between visits to the vet, and keep a watch for any squinting, cloudiness, discharge, redness or swelling. If you are concerned and your dog exhibits other symptoms their possible causes could be: