Things You Must Bring When Traveling With Your Dog

There are a few things you must prepare ahead of time if you’re going to have a good time traveling with your dog. You never know what’s going to happen, but if you leave prepared you’ll be ready no matter what. Look over our list of 12 most important things, and make sure your next trip is safe and comfortable for both you and your canine friend.

1. Keeping your eyes on the road is a big safety issue, and keeping your dog comfortable in the back is a big part of that. auto dog barriers are the easiest way to make sure that happens, if you want a recommendation for one that will install in under a minute check out the video at

2. An adequate supply of dog food to last for the entire trip. Make sure to bring enough extra food, especially if your dog is a fussy eater.

3. It’s important to make sure you both have enough water too. This is especially important if you’re going to another country, we all know that Mexico (for example) Is a trip that humans need to bring bottled water along for, but this is just as important for your companion. A few extra gallons should be just fine.

4. There are a few different solutions for making sure he can actually drink the water while you’re on your way. You can either get a heavy water dish to prevent spilling, they sell car specific water dishes, or you can even teach him to drink from a water bottle.

5. A first-aid kit specifically made for your dog.

6. Make sure your dog has his ID tag up to date, and make sure it’s on him at all times. It’s a good idea to do any vaccinations or rabies updates before head out as well.

7. Getting a few chew toys for the road will keep you both a little more at ease.

8. Bring an extra collar and leash.

9. Any vitamins or medication that he is currently taking such as heartworm pills or flea control.

10. Supplies for bathroom breaks. Paper towels, plastic bags, etc.