Our Services Are Tailored To Each Pet’s Needs & Routine. Our fees are based per visit, there is no extra charge for multiple pets if they can be accommodated in the time frame.

Initial Consultation
Our service begins with a Free in home consultation. Designed to meet you and your pets, learn their routines, review your instructions and answer any questions you may have. Please schedule early, a late booking fee ($25) may apply for less than 7 days’ notice.

Daily Dog Walking
20 minute mid-day visits scheduled Monday through Friday 11am-3pm. Ideal for those working during the day so you don’t have to rush home or worry if you are delayed. We take your dog for a walk in the neighborhood or potty break & exercise in your yard, provide fresh water, food & treats (if requested), and clean up any accidents.

Puppy Care
20 minute mid-day visits to help your new addition with house training and socializing. We follow the same routine and use the same training technique as you do. We take your puppy outside for a potty break, spend a short time working on training with positive reinforcements, feed lunch (if requested), fresh water and clean up any accidents.

Vacation Visits
30 minute visits tailored to your individual needs. Scheduled 7 days a week, we provide lots of love and attention, feed, water, walk, and/or play with your pets. Clean up any accidents, scoop litter boxes, administer medication if needed. We will also bring in mail, take out trash, water plants and any other misc. tasks.

One of the most common paw problems in dogs is interdigital dermatitis, and is often caused by allergies, especially to some grasses. If the dog cannot be prevented from licking the area, the skin could become raw and the veterinarian will need to be consulted for anti-inflammatory or antibiotic medication.

The ideal ways to ensure good dog paw health:
• Examine your dog after playing and exercising to ensure he has not scrapes, cuts, prickly seeds, splinters etc. especially if you have been in an open grassy area or forest
• Always dry your dogs paws carefully after he has gone swimming, has been on wet grass, after giving him a bath
• Stop your dog from licking any area of skin that is swollen, ulcerated, or irritated (you may need to bandage the area).
• If you ever suspect that your dog has walked over dangerous chemicals wash the dog’s paws very carefully with sponge and cold water, don’t allow him to lick the area, and call your veterinarian.
• For dogs who do not walk and run often, it may be necessary to cut your dogs nails. Take instruction from the vet on how to do this, or better still, have the vet do it. If allowed to grow long, nails can snag and break causing a lot of discomfort to the dog.
Dog paw health is an area that can be overlooked but a dog spends a lot of time on his feet and will suffer if any problems are left unattended.

Best Dog Care Information
Dogs, especially the larger breeds, can suffer with joint and bone problems, particularly arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint, and for dogs (as with humans) it can be extremely painful. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication may be required. Vets often recommend a gradual weight reduction for those dogs that are overweight, because the heavier the dog, the more pressure his joints are under.

Older dogs are also susceptible to eye problems, particularly cataracts and glaucoma. Owners usually notice cataracts when their dog’s eyes take on a cloudy appearance. Glaucoma on the other hand is very difficult for owners to detect and as such can be potentially very serious if left untreated.
All of a dog’s internal and external organs become compromised as he ages. The kidneys, lungs, heart and liver work less efficiently and the immune system ceases to fight viruses and bacteria as well as it used to.