Best pet training

While no one wants a dog that is aggressive, wild and out of control, you have to be careful with how you train the dog. There are certain methods of dog obedience training that will do nothing but harm. Unlike what some may think, physical obedience is going to accomplish nothing but place further fear into your dog’s eyes.

There is no need to hit your dog regardless of how badly they have acted. You never want to hit, spank or kick your dog no matter what the situation is. The only time you should come in contact with them is to pet them, stroke them and give them love and care.
Obviously the reason people hit their pets is to get their point across while releasing any anger or frustration. However, all this will do is teach your dog to shy away and fear you whenever your hand rises. In addition, you may get the opposite effect and your dog may begin to snap back at you for protection.

Of course, dogs cannot tell you to stop or say they are sorry. For this reason, their only response to physical dog obedience training is shying away or stepping up. You cannot blame an innocent animal no matter what they did. Peeing on the carpet, knocking over the trash can, or tearing apart shoes does not deserve a slap or kick.

Instead of being physical, you are much better expressing your anger through tone of voice. With the correct tone of voice, you can stop a dog from doing whatever it is they have done. They are far more likely to get the message and learn from your displeasure if you use your words.
You have to remember that you are the leader and a dog respects someone that will treat them as a child. If you really want your dog to listen and learn, it is up to you to act responsibly and voice your emotions as opposed to spanking or hitting them.