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Welcome to Pet Shop & Training Center.

We are the factory authorized dealer and installer of PetSafe Training Products. We offer the most advanced pet containment system on the market today.
Our commitment to quality and customer service has helped us to build strong relationship with customers. The philosophy behind our success is simple:

“Offer the best products on the market; listen to our customers, then work with them to achieve their goal”.

PetSafe products are safe, reliable and technologically superior pet management solutions that give pet owners greater peace of mind knowing their pets are safe and well cared for.

We offer underground, wireless and indoor pet fences. We also have remote trainers, bark collars, pet doors and electronic feeders. These products can be used for dogs and cats.

Training is the key to success. PetSafe products can effectively and humanely correct unwanted behavior, as well as establish proper behavior.

Every product we offer is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and Money Back Guarantee.

All products can be ordered on-line with the exception of the Professional series.


Why Choose Us

Our prices are competitive, however our services consistently receive a Five paws up ratings from our clients. Dogs that come to us for boarding are welcome into our home and will have a bedroom of their own for the duration of their stay. Dogs are exercised on a regular basis. Provided your pet gets along with our pets they may be allowed to romp and play in larger groups. We always provide the best doggies since 2005. And if you’re looking for the best dog trainer in the Chicagoland area, we highly recommend our friends at Midway Dog Academy.


Our Services for Boarding include, but are not limited to:

• Scheduled meals. Timeouts will be given prior to and after meals.

• Puppies will be assisted with housetraining issues, if necessary.

• Socialization with other dogs, animals and humans which is critical to all pets.

Basic Household manners are expected from all visiting pets. Please understand that our staff will deal with these issues if your puppy or dog needs attention in these areas.

Scheduled play sessions under direct supervision of our staff at all times.

There is someone here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this is our home. That is why we only take a certain amount of pets in given the staffing for the days and evenings to ensure that every visiting pet receives the honest attention it needs, during its families absence.